The Obstetrical Acupuncture Association was created to connect practitioners who work in the field of Obstetrical Acupuncture. The OBAA is committed to being a source for up to date research, educational resources, support and mentorship, to further the field of Obstetrical Acupuncture globally. The association is dedicated to promoting the highest level of safety and knowledge in the field, along with reproductive justice and equity for all.

The OBAA provides a resource for both pregnant people and their care providers to find acupuncturists in their area that demonstrate an elevated standard of care and safety within the field of peri-natal care. The association is dedicated to education, research, and the practice of Acupuncture as it relates to the treatment of prenatal, obstetrical and post-partum health. Association members demonstrate their knowledge through clinical experience, continuing education and a voluntary written examination.

Benefits of membership

·       Highest standard of perinatal acupuncture education

·       A community of like-minded professionals

·       Access to a forum for support and mentorship

·       Access to educational resources, current research and scholarly articles

·       Referrals from the College of Midwives, Obstetricians, Maternity Physicians, Doulas and the pregnancy and birth community

The OBAA is now offering a free 1 year membership for BIPOC acupuncturists working in perinatal health. Apply today under the membership tab.