Postpartum Perspectives

A few quotes from Sabine Wilms’ translation of the gynecological chapters of Sun Si Miao’s text.

It begins to illustrates the impact childbearing has on a women’s physiology. There was so much more as well from a couple of other books, this issue is so well documented and discussed – to see the depletion and impact of blood and the vulnerability it leaves us with to stasis and pathogenic invasions. As well it is highlighted the connection between the blood and the Shen and how an impact on the blood will lead to an impact on our emotions and spirit.

“It is not only during delivery that women must worry. When they arrive at the postpartum stage, they must exercise particular caution. This is where the greatest threat to their lives is found.”

“Woman were advised to not be left alone as they could act in a way that caused harm to their health by invasion of pathogens. It was said that a small pathogen could make a big problem for a woman who has just given birth. This is because after delivery is complete the organs suffer from weakness and deficiency. They need to be supported and nourished.”

“Deficiency and stasis were also causes of troubles with breast feeding – all the more reason to regulate and nourish mindfully post birth – for the long-term care of the mother and short-term uterine health and breast-feeding success.”

“…characterized by uncontrollable and often life-endangering leaking and flooding of vital fluids from orifices above and below, by erratic emotions and disabling dreams which fluctuate periodically, and by it’s openness and vulnerability to such pathogenic substances such as wind, cold, and postpartum blood, in addition to chronic vacuity and weakness that result from the ravages of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.”