Obstetrical Acupuncture Classical Perspectives


Perspectives on Nurturing the Feminine – Sabine Wilms
Pregnancy is one stop on the continuum of health care over a woman’s life. “…what Chinese medicine and philosophy have to offer far transcends the medical treatment of gender-specific diseases like menstrual irregularities, obstetrical complications, menopausal hot flashes, or infertility.” Sabine Wilms

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Moxibustion Methods for Seeking Children – translated by Sabine Wilms


The Transmission of Medical Knowledge on “Nurturing the Fetus” in Early China – Sabine Wilms

“Early and medieval Chinese medical authors produced, preserved, and transmitted medical information on ‘nurturing the fetus’ as an important aspect of literature on ‘nurturing life’ and ensuring the continuation of the family lineage. This article demonstrates the origin and development of a textual tradition from the Mawangdui manuscripts in the early second century BCE to early medieval formularies such as the Beiji qianjin yaofang and material found in the Japanese compendium Ishimpō. In this process, early descriptions of the month-by-month development of the fetus and corresponding instructions for the mother were preserved almost literally, but gradually supplemented with elements that reflected developments in medical theory and practice.” Wilms, S. (2005), Asian Medicine, Vol 1, Iss 2, p 276-314.

Premature rupture of membranes (case study): By Dr. Qiu Xiaomei, Translated By Sharon Weizenbaum

Postpartum Care

Sun Simiao – Postpartum Perspectives

Sun Simiao – Postpartum Decoctions
Suggestions for postpartum vacuity emaciation and for breastmilk