Code of Ethics

All members of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association (OBAA) must be committed to responsible and ethical practice, to the growth of the profession’s role in the broad spectrum of health care, and to their own professional growth. All General and Senior members agree to be bound by the OBAA Code of Ethics.

A. Commitment to the Patient

1. Respect the rights and dignity of each person I treat.

2. Accept and treat those seeking my services in a nondiscriminatory manner.

3. Keep the patient informed by explaining treatments and outcomes.

4. Protect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of patient care.

5. Maintain professional boundaries in relationships with patients and avoid any relationships that may exploit practitioner/patient trust.

6. Keep accurate records of each patient’s history and treatment.

7. Treat only within my lawful scope of practice.

8. Render the highest quality of care and make timely referrals to other healthcare professionals as may be appropriate.

9. Avoid treating patients if I am unable to safely and effectively treat due to substance abuse, physical or psychological impairment.

10. Bill patients and third party payers accurately and fairly.

11. Not engage in sexual contact with a current patient if the contact commences after the practitioner/patient relationship is established.

12. Not engage in sexual contact with a former patient unless a reasonable period of time has elapsed since the professional relationship ended and the sexual contact does not exploit the trust established during the professional relationship.

B. Commitment to the Profession

1. Continue to work to promote the highest standards of the profession.

2. Provide accurate, truthful, and non-misleading information in connection with any application for licensure, certification, OBAA membership, disciplinary investigation or proceeding or re-certification.

3. Report any changes to the information on my application regarding professional ethics and my on-going fitness to practice, including but not limited to reporting to the OBAA any disciplinary action taken by a school or regulating agency against me, and any criminal charges or civil actions that may be relevant to my health care practice or fitness to practice.

4. Comply with OBAA Examination Policies.

5. Report to OBAA and appropriate licensing authorities information about any violations by me or by my peers of the Code of Ethics or Grounds for Professional Discipline.

C. Commitment to the Public

1. Provide accurate information regarding my education, training and experience, professional affiliations, and certification status.

2. Refrain from any representation that OBAA membership implies licensure or a right to practice unless so designated by the laws in the jurisdiction in which I practice.

3. Use only the appropriate professional designations for my credentials (OBAA).

4. Advertise only accurate, truthful, non-misleading information and refrain from making public statements on the efficacy of Oriental obstetrical medicine that are not supported by the generally accepted experience of the profession.

5. Respect the integrity of other forms of health care and other medical traditions and seek to develop collaborative relationships to achieve the highest quality of care for individual patients.

6. Comply with all public health and public safety reporting duties imposed on licensed health care professionals.